Italian Coffee Roaster

Since 1911

Route Alessi 7, Catania, 95124
Tel.: +39 3371022912

Italian Coffee Roaster

Since 1911

Route Alessi 7, Catania, 95124
Tel.: +39 3371022912



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Caffè Sardella from 1911

Our History

Sardella Coffee takes roots in 1911, in a typical coffee shops located in the heart of Catania city.

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The Coffee as a family passion


Sardella Coffee is the first brand created in 1911 to dress up and go with Sardella Family's traditional blends .

Sardella is today one of the world's ancient roasting firms.
Sardella Coffee takes roots in 1911, in a typical coffee shops located in the heart of Catania city, where Calogero Sardella, the founder, follows his vocation for the coffee and takes over "Sardella, The catanese Coffee Company."

The company produces and markets a unique blend of espresso coffee under a single brand leader in quality.
A careful balance of ingredients imported from the word's best coffee growers that creates the unmistakable flavor and aroma of Sardella Coffee: always identical in any espresso cups wherever is drunk around the world.


A unique blend of espresso coffee

The quality of Sardella’s coffee is the result of a complex and constant work in the selection of green coffee, in monitoring the operations of product transformation and in combining tradition and innovation. Innovation allows us to monitor the coffee roasting process, the composition of the blends and the packaging that takes place thanks to cutting-edge machinery.

Sardella Coffee diversifies its production with a wide range of products able to meet all B2B AND B2C market needs. A production capable of declining coffee in all its applications, ranging from coffee beans to coffee in pods and capsules.


To these product lines is added the production of ground coffee and a variety of other accessory products, which enrich the offer of Caffè Sardella, making it complete and responsive to every specific need. We have over 100 years experience in sourcing, roasting and tasting coffee; with our exceptional range of roast and ground coffees, equipment and services, we will provide the right solution for your business needs.



The Mixture

70% Arabic

30% Robust

The beans of raw coffee are roasted separately and slowly to obtain a balance between the
organoleptic and olfactory required in an authentic cup of Italian espresso.

The mixture of the coffee Sardella is composed of 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta.
The Arabica variety such as Santos and Colombia in the cup seems to be aromatic, sweet and delicate, sometimes fruity. It is characterized by a low caffeine content between 0.8% and 1.5%. The Robusta variety coffee, the indian and the Santo Domingo, in the cup is characterized by a taste for the stronger, more body, and a caffeine content of between 1.7% and 3.5%.

Pod system

The blend is made from beans roasted selected and carefully packaged in a protective atmosphere
to maintain the freshness and delicacy of the coffee.

Capsule System

Simple and elegant Design, easy opening, packaged in a protective atmosphere to preserve the
freshness and delicacy of the coffee.



Our Mission

Delight all those love the quality of life through striving for the best coffee nature can offer, improved by the best technology.
The family has always been committed to this challenge: a smile for every cup.
To make today delicious we begin with our customers. We listen, we watch and we lear. We understand their needs because we are customers too .
One of the main company policies is to see craftsman's tradition as a strength and guarantee. craftsmanship quality is the main thing that distinguish us from the large industry.


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